• How to Plan A Hen's Party

    A hen's party should be an unforgettable, whirlwind occasions that include all the best parts of a wild night. Unfortunately, planning a hen's night can be stressful. Whether it's your own big night or you're a bridesmaid planning the party for a friend, there are a lot of details to arrange and people to invite. From venues to transport to food, the entire night can go wrong with just one wrong booking.
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  • Get More from Your Scenic Helicopter Tours

    Celebrating a special occasion with an event as exciting as a scenic helicopter tour is an experience many people will envy. Before you step on board, you may want to learn more about to make the most of your experience. Book in advance to avoid disappointment Some tours are exceedingly popular, so if you have a special event coming up or you're in an area for a short period of time, book your tour quickly.
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  • Why Millennials Can Tell You a Thing or Two about Cars

    Millennials have a reputation for being savvy and money smart. It's not that they count all their pennies so much, but that they make sure they make shrewd business and daily life decisions. What can everybody else learn from their approach, therefore, when it comes to cars? How You Spend Your Money Whenever you buy a car outright you are taking command of a depreciating asset. This means that the vehicle will be worth less in five year's time than it is today.
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