• Things to Look for When Hiring a Taxi for Airport Transportation

    Whether you are going to a business meeting or vacation, landing in a new country without a means of transportation can elicit a lot of anxiety in most people. Car rentals can prove expensive and an inconvenience, especially if you don't know your way around the new town. That's why taxi transportation services come in handy during such a moment. You get to relax and be chauffeured from the airport to your hotel and even around the town for your business meetings.
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  • The future of road transport in Australia

    In a country as vast as Australia, the economy would come to a stand still without road transport. In fact, the most recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show over two billion tonnes of freight are moved on Australia's roads annually. A lot has changed since the first horses and carts ambled down dirt tracks to deliver the mail, with environmental challenges and significant advances in technology impacting the road freight industry today.
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