What to Ask a Bus Charter Company When Planning a School Field Trip

Posted on: 6 September 2016

If you've never planned a school field trip before, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the details, including those involved in chartering a bus, if your school doesn't have such transportation available. When you are ready to rent or charter a bus, note a few questions to ask so you know you get one that works for you and know what's involved in the rental.

Ask about restroom facilities

Typically, large buses won't have restroom facilities, although a more deluxe model might have a simple toilet and sink in the back. Smaller buses that only carry a dozen or so passengers might be more likely to have a restroom facility, as they have the room for such a space. When asking about this, remember that young children especially may need to use the facilities when on a longer trip. If you cannot get a deluxe bus with a restroom, note if you need to make any special plans for stopping at restroom facilities. The bus may not be allowed in the parking lot of certain restaurants or gas stations, and you may need to adjust your route to stop at public restroom facilities instead. Usually a bus charter company can assist with these plans.

Ask about handicap accommodations

If anyone in your group needs special accommodations for a wheelchair, walker, crutches, and even for oxygen tanks, be sure to ask about this; a bus may have a ramp or lift for such accessories, and special seating as well. However, not all buses may be outfitted with this equipment, as it may not be legally required for a charter bus, so don't assume their equipment or seating will resemble a public city bus with a lift and room for a wheelchair. 

Ask about whether items need to be secured in a particular manner

A bus may have underbelly storage for sporting goods and musical equipment, but you may want to bring some items onboard with you. In that case, you may need to secure them in a particular manner, such as belting them in a seat or keeping them under a seat. This can mean having fewer seats for passengers or not being able to bring as many bulky items onto the bus as you thought you would. In all cases, ask about this before chartering the bus so you can know what to expect and so you can determine whether you need to make other arrangements for transporting certain items during your trip.

Contact a coach hire service in your area for additional information.