Make Sure There Are No Surprises With Your Bus Hire or Charter

Posted on: 13 September 2016

Hiring or chartering a bus is not something that most people do very often, so they may not realize everything that is involved with the process. This can lead to some unpleasant surprises when you get your bus and see what is, and what is not, included and realize that you may need to make some last minute changes to your plans. So that this doesn't happen to you, note a few tips to ensure there are no surprises with your bus charter.

Ask about carry-on items

Never assume that a bus is like an airplane (with a space for cargo over the seating area). A bus may not be as tall as an airplane so it cannot offer this type of storage without getting in the way of passengers; however, some buses may be oversized specifically to have more space inside for storing items needed for longer trips. If not, you may be legally obligated to store items on seats or under seats and not in aisles or on the floor in front of you. Items that may spill and cause a hazard such as coolers may need to be buckled into a seat. Always ask about carry-on items, storage limitations, and the like rather than assuming you can bring anything and everything with you on the bus.

Ask about windows

It may seem like a small thing, but if you're chartering a bus for sightseeing, you may want a special bus meant just for such trips. These buses will have larger windows that reach from floor to ceiling and which take up the entire two side walls of the bus. This gives you a better view of the outside area. Note, too, if windows on a bus can open and if so, how much. This is good for long trips in warmer weather or for when you want fresh air inside the bus; many buses are fully air conditioned, but if you get one that is not, you'll want windows that open as much as possible.

Ask about stops for restroom breaks

A long bus may not be allowed in the parking lot of every restaurant along your route, so you may need to actually change the route to stop at public rest stops. You may also be legally obligated to stop at certain intervals when you have a driver with your chartered bus, so that he or she can use the facilities, eat, rest, and so on. Always ask about these needed breaks so you can plan longer routes accordingly.