3 Types of Heavy Haulage Trailers and Their Appropriate Cargo

Posted on: 16 May 2019

Over the last few years, equipment size in different industries has gradually increased. From oversized windmill turbines to massive boilers, the demand for specialized transportation has never been this high. Therefore, firms have become reliant on heavy haulage firms for specialized transport requirements. However, for the safe transport of heavy machinery, transportation companies have to choose the right trailer deck for every individual project. It is important because using a wrong heavy haulage trailer decking exposes the driver and the equipment to danger. As a client, it is vital to understand the different heavy haulage trailer deckings and their appropriate use. Read on to find out more.

Flatbed Trailers

This is considered the most common heavy haulage trailer, mainly because of its versatility. Since there are no sides, railings, or a roof, loading and unloading oversized machinery is rather easy. Flatbed trailers are the best for transporting heavy machinery whose parts are not vulnerable to precipitation. However, if there are parts of the machine that are susceptible to rusting, then the flatbed is not the right trailer for your needs. Flatbeds are appropriate to transport construction equipment as well as long steel tubing. In addition, flatbed trailers have extra space where you can secure smaller accessories or parts.

Step Deck

The step deck heavy haulage trailer is slightly similar to the flatbed trailer design, with the only difference being that the former has two deck levels. The upper deck is located closer to the truck cabin, and it is mostly used to rest an excavator's bucket during transportation. It helps to relieve potential tension on the equipment's connectors, thereby improving longevity. The lower deck is the longest and spans the rest of the entire trailer. The lower deck is the lowest part of the trailer, which makes it the safest trailer for transporting weighty and tall machinery, such as forklifts.  

Double Drop Deck Trailer

Just as the name suggests, the double drop trailer deck consists of two upper floors and one lower deck. In addition to the front upper deck, there is a single drop trailer deck; meaning, the double drop deck trailer has an additional floor on the other end. The lower deck is located in the middle of the heavy haulage trailer and dips below the trailer's axles. It makes it the lowest trailer compared to the other two designs mentioned earlier. Double drop trailers also have an extra shaft which can lay on the deck and flip down when needed as an extra balancing weight. It is, therefore, the most appropriate trailer for hauling heavy machinery that are over ten feet tall.  

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