Tourist Bus Hire Tips

Posted on: 14 April 2020

Bus hire is a convenient means of tourist travel. It ensures convenience and safety as you visit the various tourist spots. The excerpt below discusses some tourist bus hire tips.  

Choose An Appropriate Bus

Several factors will determine the kind of bus you will hire:


How many people will the bus transport? Check the available luggage space. You may need a large coach if the team has a lot of baggage.

Comfort and Convenience

LCD screens and a good sound system will increase your comfort as you travel. You could also get reclining seats, charging ports and a restroom. 

Luxury options

You could opt for an entertainer bus that comes with an onboard kitchen, state-of-the-art entertainment, a lounge and sleeping area. 

Good Condition

The bus should be in excellent mechanical condition. Inspect it for engine leaks, strange engine sounds and transmission problems. 

Terms Of Hire

Examine the conditions of hire. For instance, what is the company's daily charge? Early bookings are a sure way to secure discounts. Besides, inquire about extra costs such as insurance, lateness fees and penalties for increasing the number of stops. Check the deposit and cancellation policy. Most bus hire companies will ask for a 10-30% deposit. The rest of the amount is paid once you hire the bus.

You will incur a penalty if you cancel your booking a few hours before the pickup time. However, they will agree to postpone the trip if you cannot travel due to unavoidable circumstances such as flight delays, visa cancellations or if you fall sick. Work with a company that provides an experienced driver. It is especially important if you are travelling to a foreign country where your standard licence is not valid. 

Travel Itinerary

Your travel itinerary will indicate the names of people on the bus, the pickup time and location, the stops you will make and your travel destination. Talk with your team and ask them to be punctual. Do not overwork the driver. For long-distance travel, ask the company to provide two drivers. Leave the itinerary with the travel company and a trusted individual that is not part of the team. It can be an essential source of information in case of an accident.  

Fun and Safety Tips

Stops should be made in towns with tourist attractions or exciting nightlife. Besides, create a music playlist, carry some movies and play travel games during your trip. Travellers should avoid dangerous activities such as bus surfing, consuming illegal drugs and sexual activities on the bus.

Tourist bus hire should be easy with the above tips. Choose an appropriate bus, examine the terms of hire, create a travel itinerary and observe the recommended fun and safety tips.